Jesus said “Follow me”. But he didn’t say to do it alone. We believe that Christian community is vital to growing in our faith.



Jesus called his 12 disciples when he started his church.  That is a model for us.  Every Christian needs other believers to be their encouragement, to pray for them, to keep them honest and on the path, to become more like Jesus. 

A church is a great place to find your 12.


By spending time in community with others.

This could mean a Bible study in someone’s house, but it could also mean groups that serve others together or groups that get together for fun.  Nurturing relationships form when people share time together (and often food).  When we share life together we learn from one another what following Jesus looks like.

Are you interested in joining a small group?

Contact Pastor Greg, he’d love to get you started!

Are you interested in leading a small group? All it takes is a love for God and an interest in people. If you think this describes you, or if you have questions,  Pastor Greg would love to help you find study materials that fit your leadership style and that you can be passionate about.

Are you looking to get involved in service or looking to go further in your walk with Jesus? Knowing your spiritual gifts will help you accomplish this goal. Click here to find out more.