I grew up on a small farm in Michigan, and attended Lutheran schools almost all the way through from grade school to seminary in St. Louis, MO. While there I met and fell in love with Sarah, and we have three children together: Nicholas, Eric, and Margaret.

God has granted me a varied ministry. After vicarage or pastoral internship in a beach community of Southern California –where I was Vicar Schlicker– I taught in a Lutheran high school in New York City, then served a German congregation in Queens and then a large traditional church in the farm country of Michigan before coming to Owatonna. I’ve been a teacher, a sole pastor, a senior pastor, and an associate pastor, and I’ve gotten to live on both coasts, in the largest cities and in the countryside, near family when the kids were small, and now in the small city of Owatonna. Really only God knows how we ended up here, though it started with Pastor Mark and me in the back of the same bus in mainland China. At Good Shepherd I serve primarily in the areas of Outreach, Discipleship, and Serving, so I have the great privilege of helping believers to grow as disciples of God and to impact our community.

As a token of my past, I still have one of the tractors I grew up with, a bright red Farmall. As a hint of my future, I see God stretching me in many ways toward becoming the disciple-making follower of Christ that he is looking for in all of us.

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