Researchers affirm that Christian families have known intuitively for years: Families that eat together, pray together and play together are stronger. But today’s crazy schedules and priorities make it more difficult for families to do this. As you raise your children in the way they should go, find the time to enjoy the journey. To assist you, we’ve included a few activities to help you nurture your children’s faith in fun ways. Check back regularly for new ideas. Feel free to email us with some ideas you have found to be meaningful for your family and they may make it onto our list to share with other families.

Fun for fall: 5 Pumpkin Praise Games for Kids

Activity #1:

Prayer Calendar

Prayer habits that last a lifetime are most often formed in childhood.  This Prayerful October Calendar will help your family nurture daily conversations with God. You can print it off here or request to have one mailed to you.

Activity #2:

Hands of Prayer

I am always looking for new ways to encourage kids to pray, especially to get them out of the rut of talking/asking/praising about the same things.  I am just as guilty of this- I tend to remember to pray for the people I care most about, immediate situations, and my needs.  The bigger picture and people I don’t interact with are likely to be forgotten in typical daily prayer.

Here is an idea using your fingers as memory tricks to help you pray for a wider variety of people.

  • Pinky Finger- Smallest and weakest finger-Pray for the sick, dying, weak, homeless, uneducated, etc.
  • Ring Finger- Finger that is a symbol of commitment and family- pray for those you are closest to- friends and family
  • Middle Finger- Stands up tall- Pray for those in positions of leadership- The president, government leaders, principals, employers, etc.
  • Pointer Finger- Points the way- Pray for those who are an example of Christian life- pastors, teachers, mentors, etc.
  • Thumb- Closest to you- Pray for your concerns, plans, hopes, and fears

Download Hands of Prayer HERE

Activity #3:

Prayer Chain

Children love to make paper chains to count down to a special day or decorate a space with.  If your child loves to make chains, they will surely love to make a prayer chain!

To make your prayer chain:

  1. Cut out strips of colored paper roughly 1 1/2in by 8in, as many as you wish.
  2. Write someone or something you want to pray about on each of the strips of paper
  3. Glue each piece in a ring, each connecting with one another.
  4. Find a place in your kitchen or your child’s bedroom, somewhere you would likely say your prayers, and hang it.
  5. Each day, tear off a loop and pray for what is written on that loop of paper.
  God promises to hear all our prayers, any time, anywhere!  We hope these are a blessing to you and your family!