At Good Shepherd Preschool, we will provide your child(ren) with a Christ centered curriculum and environment to nurture the spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical skills necessary for Christian living.

In an age appropriate way, your child will grow in his or her:

Spiritual Development

  • Talk about Jesus
  • Talk with Jesus (Prayer)
  • Show acts of kindness to others
  • Talk about how God loves him/her
  • See the Bible as God’s Word through weekly Bible stories
  • Attend regular chapel services

Social Development

  • Confidence
  • Understand and follow rules
  • Build relationships
  • Play cooperatively
  • Take turns

Emotional Development

  • Enjoy activities without adults
  • Name and describe emotions
  • Approach new play activities with confidence
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Show love for others

Desire to Learn

  • Curiosity
  • Risk-Taking
  • Imagination and invention
  • Persistence
  • Reflection and interpretation

Work Habits

  • Work independently
  • Have good concentration skills
  • Follow simple directions
  • Complete a work cycle (beginning, middle, end)

Language and Literacy Development

  • Speak clearly and in sentences
  • Use words to solve problems
  • Listen to and re-tell stories
  • Ask questions
  • Be able to connect experiences and verbalize what he/she knows
  • Enjoy singing
  • Show interest in print
  • Emergent reading (Visual Phonics for 5’s class)
  • Emergent writing


  • Creating unique work that focuses on the process versus the product
  • Responding to other art
  • Evaluating other art and their own art

Cognitive Development

  • Colors, shapes, numbers, letters
  • Mathematical and Logical thinking
  • Number concepts and operation
  • Patterns and relationships
  • Measurement
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Scientific thinking and problem solving (observing, questioning, investigating)
  • Social systems and understanding

Physical and Motor Development

  • Gross Motor Development (balancing, throwing/catching, running, jumping, climbing, etc.)
  • Fine Motor Development (writing/drawing, cutting, stringing, etc)
  • Physical Health and Well Being

5 Year Old Pre-K Classes

Your child has finally become old enough to start attending kindergarten, but you feel he/she may just not be ready. Or, your child is ready for kindergarten but turns 5 just after school starts and so must wait another year.  There are many reasons parents choose to hold their child back from kindergarten at age 5. Maybe they need help on their social skills, maybe they need help with their academic skills, and maybe they’re just not mature enough for the whole experience. Good Shepherd Preschool has opened a 5 year old preschool program for just this reason. We are hearing from families that they need another option for their children. They do not want to send their child to kindergarten, but they also feel they need more than what our 3 day a week 4 year old class offers. In this class, we will simulate many of the same social and academic situations they would experience in our other preschool classes.  In addition, we will provide enhanced experiences for additional growth in areas that match many of the same social and academic situations they would experience in kindergarten. The class sizes are smaller than kindergarten as well, so when a child needs a little more 1 on 1 time, we are able to provide it.

Following are some of the skills that your child will be working on:

  • Writing first and last names
  • Learn address and phone numbers
  • Review upper and lower case letters
  • Sounds and Syllables
  • Rhyming
  • Sight words
  • Beginning and ending sounds
  • Distinguishing between letters and words
  • Counting: 1 – 100
  • Math (Time, Money, Addition, Subtraction)
  • Patterns
  • Units of Study
  • Circle Time
  • Music
  • Educational games
  • Field Trips

Please feel free to tour our center, meet the teachers, and ask questions.