Hello!  My name is Kris Duerr and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to teach at Good Shepherd.  I started out working as a computer programmer and soon discovered my heart wasn’t in it.  Fast forward to staying home with my 3 children.  I found that time with kids is the BEST and decided to go back to school for my teaching license (pre-k-6).  Several very positive experiences followed, including a few years of working with Community Ed Early Childhood Family Education, and 10 years at Trinity Nursery School.  When a teaching spot became available at my home church of Good Shepherd, I decided to make a bittersweet move across town to strengthen and build new relationships here.  I love spending time with preschoolers and watching their excitement as they learn and accomplish new things.  It keeps me mindful of trying to notice and appreciate the simple things like kids do!

On the personal side, I have been married for 28 years (yikes, that’s a long time!) to my husband Glenn.  We have 3 children: Jessica (24), Michael (22) and Trevor (21).  We are fortunate that they don’t live too far away so we can see each other often.  As kids grow up, every age is awesome in its own way. I will say though, that since becoming an empty nester, I REALLY appreciate my preschool hugs!!!

My hope for the kids in my classroom is this: that they find school to be a fun and safe place to be, that they know the joy and excitement of learning new things, and that forever and always, no matter what, Jesus loves them just as they are!