Before and After School Options

To better serve our community, we offer an extended care option before and after each preschool session. We want to give families more flexibility in drop-off and pick-up times. Children enrolled in a Good Shepherd Preschool class may use this service on their normal school day.

Contracted Hours:

For those needing consistent weekly care.  We will work with you to create a monthly contract based on the minimum charge of $4.00 per hour that will be added to your monthly tuition.  Unused hours will not be reimbursed, but may be substituted for another day during the week.  Contracted hours may change on a monthly basis after being agreed upon by the Director and parent.

Supplementary Hours:

For additional hours needed above contracted hours and the occasional hours needed by non-contracted families.  Families MUST notify staff of needed hours ahead of time to ensure adequate staffing is on hand.  Staffing may not be available for every request.  Hours used will be added to the account and paid for the following month.