This spring we’re focusing on questions taken from Scripture, questions we find ourselves asking, too. Ash Wednesday February 14 – Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?
Job 38:1-11 God confronts Job’s prideful attitude
John 1:1-5 Our eternal God existed before all that has been created
Meal: Spaghetti provided by the Youth Ministry
Sunday February 18 – Did God really say, “You must not eat from any tree?”
Genesis 3:1-8 The serpent causes Eve to doubt
Mark 7:1-9 Even very smart people are tempted to make up their own rules
Wednesday February 21 – What shall I do to inherit eternal life? – and – Who is my neighbor?
Luke 10:25-37  Jesus stands firm against a lawyer’s questions
Meal: Scalloped Potatoes provided by the Backpack Project
Sunday February 25 – Am I my brother’s keeper?
Genesis 4:1-16 Cain tries to avoid responsibility for killing his brother
Matthew 18:15-20 We strive to restore those who sin
Wednesday February 28 – How can anyone be born after growing old?
John 3:1-21 Curious Nicodemus is drawn closer to Jesus
Meal: Sloppy Joes provided by LWML
Sunday March 4 – Where shall I go from your Spirit?
Psalm 139:1-14 God is everywhere and all knowing
Matthew 28:16-20 Jesus promises to always be with us
Wednesday March 7 – What do I profit to gain the whole world, but lose my soul?
Matthew 16:21-27 Jesus teaches that our relationship with Him is important
Meal: provided by the Choir
Sunday March 11 – Why does Jesus eat with tax collectors and sinners?
Matthew 9:9-13 Jesus confronts presumptions about sinners
Wednesday March 14 – Which of us is greatest in God’s kingdom?
Matthew 18:1-7 Jesus’ disciples compete for approval
Meal: Tacos provided by the Preschool
Sunday March 18 – What do people gain from their hard work?
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 Solomon struggles with meaninglessness
John 15:1-11 True meaning in life is our connectedness with God
Wednesday March 21 – What are the signs of the end?
Matthew 24:1-22 Jesus teaches His disciples about the end
Meal: provided by the Nicaragua Mission Trip
Palm Sunday March 25 – If God is for us, who can be against us?
Romans 8:31-39 We have everlasting hope in God
Matthew 10:24-31 Do not be afraid of anyone but God alone