Wednesday Worship during Lent

Come for a delicious meal at 5:30pm

Join us in worship at 6:30pm.

Wednesday February 21

What shall I do to inherit eternal life? – and – Who is my neighbor?

Luke 10:25-37  Jesus stands firm against a lawyer’s questions
Meal: Scalloped Potatoes provided by the Backpack Project

Wednesday February 28

How can anyone be born after growing old?

John 3:1-21 Curious Nicodemus is drawn closer to Jesus
Meal: Sloppy Joes provided by LWML

Wednesday March 7

What do I profit to gain the whole world, but lose my soul?

Matthew 16:21-27 Jesus teaches that our relationship with Him is important
Meal: provided by the Choir

Wednesday March 14

Which of us is greatest in God’s kingdom?

Matthew 18:1-7 Jesus’ disciples compete for approval
Meal: Tacos provided by the Preschool

Wednesday March 21

What are the signs of the end?

Matthew 24:1-22 Jesus teaches His disciples about the end
Meal: provided by the Nicaragua Mission Trip

Holy Week Worship

Maundy Thursday

5:30 Worship with Hymns

7:00 Contemporary Worship

Good Friday

6:30 Worship


6:30am Easter Worship with Hymns

8:30 & 10:30 Easter Worship

Easter Breakfast between all services